A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"Have you ever been blinded by aggression? Chained to suicide?  Have you ever thought someone had been controlling your life? Pulling the strings? Have you ever felt left out?  Maybe you've felt like me, a poor old blinded soul..."


Uesugi Tokuma is cursed...

"Will I ever wake up? This can't be a dream,right?"

13 year old Uesugi Tokuma is struggling with his life. He can't feel pain or emotions, but he has the power to sense danger and he struggles with certain situations, such as fighting. In which he has mental fits regarding his aggression, he struggles to move on... But once a 16 year old teenage girl enters his life, his life is changed completely. She then says someone is trapped in a castle somewhere. She doesn't know where, but somehow he senses that the girl who is trapped can save him... Will he break the curse or stay unknown to the world forever?

Blinded Soul is a story about a boy who can't feel pain or emotions, but has the power to sense danger and other's emotions, and how were all different in one way. Do you want to accept that you exist, or never know your world?


-Harness the power of rhythm to defeat your enemies!

-Embrace a well written story!

- Play with episodic gameplay!

- Encounter cool boss fights!

-Discover puzzle elements

-and much more!

WARNING: This game is still in progress, so many things are subject to change.

Install instructions

To run properly,  Blinded-soul requires you to have the RPG Maker MV RTP installed.


Buraindosouru Demo.exe 44 MB